Online Casino

If you love casino games, how often do you get to go to the nearest land casino and gamble? Rarely do enthusiastic players get the chance to test their luck when they are feeling lucky. Online casino gambling is a treat for any casino lover as they have instant access to their favourite games. If you are looking for great bonuses and prizes, a good way to about winning a lot of money is by logging in and playing in online casinos.

Online gambling can be quite profitable if you know how to go about it. You have to know where to go in order to get the best bonuses and promotions. You also have to take note of the payout percentage and rate. Find a casino that has a great reputation and huge payout percentage because, chances are, the odds tend to be in your favour. explains everything you need to know in order to understand and trust online casinos better.

Online Casinos – History

Many people will be surprised to know that the infinite online gambling industry has a history that is very recent. Gaming software was first introduced to land based casinos around 1970s. Computer and the internet were introduced and the software companies immediately penetrated the massive web to initiate online gaming applications. Regulatory bodies were introduced in 1994 and even though casinos were on the internet before that period, the real gambling started in 1994.

Microgaming was the first software developer and provider to emerge and the company offered variety of online casino games which could be downloaded and played sitting at a place of your convenience. This was followed by various other software companies and an exponential increase in the number of online gaming houses.

Legality/Licensing and Jurisdiction

Casino-legality-aoc-154853Before players check on whether the casino is legal or not, players should first make sure they are playing legally. All reputed casinos require the player to be at least 18 years or more. All countries restrict players from certain jurisdiction from wagering in their casino so players need to find one that allows players from their territory to gamble legally.

Once the player has checked all the boxes on their side, it’s time to check the online casino. Since players are giving the casino their banking details, credit card numbers etc. players should not hold back on making sure the casino is has a LEGIT OPERATOR AND IS MONITORED BY A TRUSTWORTHY JURISDICTION.

Operators mostly own and carry out all the functions of an online casino like gaming, customer service, banking etc. and the Jurisdictions make sure these functions are in order. The key responsibilities of these licensing authorities are licensing, accounting, setting regulations, monitoring the operation and auditing. Some of the well-known and trustworthy Gambling authorities are Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta, Curacao Licensing Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, UK gambling Commission and Isle of Man gambling Supervision Commission.

Online Casino: Fairness

Since web casinos are online, there is a myth that it can be easily tampered with. The truth of the matter is that every online casino game played against the house is controlled by a Random Number Generator, or RNG, which results the total randomization of each round. For instance, in pokies, the random number that has been chosen when you spin the reels is what results in the outcome of your spin. The RNG is designed to make each slot machine 100% random and fair for all players. Various testing authorities periodically check all slot machines in order to ensure that the RNG is running correctly and accurately and that all machines are equally random and fair. The same theory applied for any other casino game like Video Poker, Roulette, blackjack etc.

How to choose an Online Casino

A good and simple tip we can offer you: GO WITH REPUTATION AND NOT WITH BONUSES

There is no point of those bonuses if the ones offering it deliver cheap quality in games and customer support or even Rouge. When it comes to arriving at a good choice, you could never go wrong with a good reputation.



A good way to judge the reputation is through a quick survey of the casino’s affiliates. A reputed software client will never associate itself it a cheap casino. If casinos offer games from companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Betsoft, Aristocrat etc. you can hardly doubt those names. If that’s not enough, see their audit certificated provided by their jurisdictions; these certificates are proudly displayed by the casinos on their website if they are legit.

Another good way is to read reviews in websites like this one. works for you and not for those casinos so reading our Casino reviews will give you a good idea on all the ins and outs of the casinos.

In some cases, a good way to know a casino is to try them out. Many casinos nowadays offer free trials and if there is nothing for you to loose, take the opportunity and give their games a chance. Use their customer service line, spend a bit of cash if you need to and if their services do not satisfy you, then leave it, it’s their for the loss.

After you have checked and filtered everything, then go for the bonuses and incentives. We guarantee that a good experience with an online casino will always be a pleasure in every way.