The magic of internet has allowed people to play land-based casino games online and top software developers have taken that gaming experience to new heights and beyond the expectations of many. takes this opportunity to introduce people around the world to hundreds of entertaining and exciting casino games, all of which can be played from the comfort of your home.

Beyond the sheer pleasure of playing, there’s the mysterious lure of wealth and prestige that go hand in hand with online casinos. Playing online is as real and as rewarding as playing in a land-based casino. Online Casinos can put more money into prizes, bonuses and promotions. All casino games are operated by software clients and follow the same concept of slots and video poker used in regular casinos.

Here are some of the kinds of online casino games you can expect to find in top online casinos:

Below we have briefly introduced each game category. Select a game type below and you will be presented with a full description of the casino game along with its history and rules.


Online pokie games are a lot more exciting and rewarding Slot-Machine-Jackpot-640X480than the slot machines in the real world. They work in exactly the same manner but have so many added features; a slot experience is taken to a whole new level.

Aussies have always been a big fan of pokie machines in small pubs and glamorous casinos and online pokies are a bigger hit because they are seen as portable version of the ever popular Pokie machines. Online slots are

available in smaller stakes than slot machines and a single online casino can have hundreds of pokie games, all with their unique features and bonuses. This signature casino game is one of the easiest games to play where you only have to decide on your ability to wager and let the game do the rest of the job.

Pokies fit in several categories and there are so many bonus features to learn and understand so you can choose the best pokie game online.

Learn all about Pokies in our Full Online Pokie Guide


Perhaps the most frequently played card game in Blackjack-table-with-cardsAustralia and the world, Blackjack is one of the most skill-testing games online. Unlike games like keno or scratch cards which depend almost entirely on luck, blackjack can be influenced by strategy. For a knowledgeable player, blackjack also known as 21, offers the best chance of leaving the casino as a winner.

Our blackjack guide has everything a player needs to know to get started along with a few tips on the basic strategy. The game might seem a bit confusing and overwhelming to some because of its pace but our guide will get you started playing real money online blackjack before you even know it.

Know all the basics of Blackjack in our Blackjack Guides page.


roulette-table-aoc-442123Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and is among the most popular gambling games worldwide. The thrill of the spin, the wide variety of bets, and the fact that you face a reasonable house edge all come together to make online roulette an absolute blast. Our Roulette guide is your first step to playing the game at the internet’s leading online casinos and we will guide you through every step.

Roulette is played on a layout with players able to bet on a wide variety of different options with varying odds. A small ball is spun around a wheel and whichever slot the ball lands in determines the winning number for that spin. A roulette table has multiple betting options each one with different odds so it is very important to know all the different betting options available on the table and also to know the difference between American and European Roulette.

Find everything you need to know about Roulette in our Roulette Guide

Video Poker

Video Poker is a great game to play for a large number of Video-Poker-450X312reasons. The game blends well with luck and strategy making the perfect recipe for a great card game. Video Poker is a computerized version of 5 card draw poker, which is played in a similar format to that of a slot machine game. Players can find a wide selection of games, from low stakes play to high stakes entertainment. At its heart, a video poker machine is a one on one 5 card poker game between the machine and the player.

At least 15 or more variations of Video Poker games are available to play including Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Deuces and Joker, Jacks or Better and many more. These games differ slightly from each other, just enough to make one more interesting than the other. All video poker games follow the same gameplay method and our Video Poker guide takes you through the process.

Get familiar with Online Video Poker in our Video Poker guide

Other Games

Apart from Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Pokies, there are so many other games that are equally popular and at times more rewarding. A good online casino never shortens the supply of games to its players and definitely does not miss out some top games that have a serious fan base. There are other online games that are definitely putting your money on.


Craps is yet another exciting and fun filled game that offers a whole variety of betting options. The game is packed with energy and although the game might look a bit confusing at first, there’s so much give. The game demands basic level of skill and high adrenaline.

Craps is a game of dice, requiring players to place bets on the results of a single roll or a number of rolls of a couple of dice. Depending on the player you are, the numbers and betting options on the table can either be intimidating or exciting.


Our guide on Baccarat gives you all the knowhow of this simple and wonderful card game that have grown extremely popular over its 600 year old history. Baccarat has always been known to be a game for elitists and nobility but it is certainly not the case now. These days, baccarat is enjoyed by a wider variety of players than ever before. Land-based casinos certainly made the game famous and provided a boost for online casinos which is why all top online casinos proudly boast on providing this wonderful game of speculation.

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are becoming as popular at online casinos as they are in the real world and many offer a whole range of scratch cards in the form of arcade games. Playing online scratch cards games is a fun activity that is growing in popularity with each passing day. Since their invention scratch tickets have captivated millions around the world because scratchies is one of the simplest of lottery-based games and one of the most entertaining and fun filled games around.

Check out our Other Games guide to know all about Craps, Baccarat, Scratch Cards and more casino games.
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