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Online casinos run on a higher technical platform than land-based casinos. Unlike their traditional counterparts, the games they offer are developed by software clients which is why they are able to offer massive varieties of games; a lot more than land-based casinos could ever offer.

As the advantages of online casinos become more and more obvious, transferring the experience of a land-based casino to the online world has proven to be rapid, smooth and flawless although many people are still skeptical about security measures, gameplay and the general quality of entertainment on offer. Online Casino games have satisfied any imaginable preferences players may have and have certainly enhanced the services, features and bonus offers over the years.

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Even though you can find literally hundreds of online casinos, most of them can primarily be divided into three different types according to their interface; download, non-download and mobile casinos.

DownloadIcon2-290x290In this section we will be focusing on download casinos.

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Download casinos are a popular form of online casino. The software can be downloaded with ease form the casino website itself and the instructions necessary to install the software are provided by the casino.

How do you download the casino software?

  • The download option is available on the casino website, click “Download Now” and it will download and save the installation file on to your hard drive. The time taken to download will depend on your internet speed.
  • Upon opening the installation file, the software will open and perform a onetime installation which (depending on your processor) will consume some time.
  • After the installation is complete, the casino is available from your computer’s start menu or the desktop.

Players that wish to make a download should note that in order to do so a Windows operating system is required. Some online casinos also provide separate software for Mac users but this hasn’t really been picked up yet.

Once the software is downloaded, the user will be able to perform all functions through the software without having to visit the casino’s website. These functions include:

  • Registration
  • Depositing
  • Gameplay
  • Customer Service
  • Withdrawal
  • Customer Support

This form of online casino used to be more popular although players have overwritten the benefits of download casinos with the advantages of non-download casinos. Nonetheless, download based casinos still carry numerous advantages which still allure majority of punters online.

Advantages of Download Based Casinos

  • Users with access to slower internet might find download casinos smoother than non-download since the software is installed in your computer and relies less on the internet.
  • Players do not have to open web browsers every time they want to play games but they still have to open the software.
  • Some players may find the interface of the software client more efficient. Download based casinos have all the functions formatted keeping it simple and creating one click accessibility. User interface and efficiency are known to be smoother in the downloaded software rather than having to refresh the pages on the web browser.

Disadvantage of Download Based Casinos

Download casinos embarked main stream casinos on the web and they have definitely carved the path for non-download to step in. Over the years download casinos have dominated but as more and more non-download casinos emerge many users now believe gambling through the web browser has relatively more advantages than downloading a software package.

  • Even after installing the software, players are required to install each game individually but this is a onetime installation. However, if the casino launches a few new games, the software has to be updated and the new game has to be installed.
  • If a player is still in the process of trying out several online casinos, they’ll probably want to skip the hassle of skipping the process of downloading and installing the software and prefer to play the games straight away.
  • Since the software is downloaded into your personal computer, players only have one access to those games through one computer, which neglects one of the biggest advantages of wagering in an online casino; not having access to games anywhere.
  • Although casinos try very hard to make their client downloads 100% secure, there is always a chance that you might get malware into your computer.

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