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Gambling can be traced back as far as money itself. As betting has become a hobby for many, online casinos have provided an easy access for punters in wagering on their favourite casino game. The set of characteristics of Online Casinos make them uniquely attractive. The reception for Online Casinos has gone beyond expectation which is why casino websites have increased in an exponential manner.

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There are typically two ways to play at an online casino – through the download version of the casino or via no download/instant play casinos. Playing via download casinos requires you to download and install the casino software onto your desktop. All the games are then available on that computer.

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In this article we’ve outlines some key information about Non-Download Casinos.

Web-browsers-300X300Casino games of Non-Download Casinos are played through the web browser itself. However, they do require browser plugins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java and bandwidth to lead the graphics, animations and sounds from the web.   Players will have access to all bonuses, promotions and tournaments via the no download version of the casino. As you do not need to wait for the software to download and be installed, you can begin playing almost immediately.   You simply register, make a deposit and begin playing and all these functions are performed through the casino’s website itself.

How to play in a Non-Download Casino?

  • Open the web browser and type in the Casino URL (e.g.
  • Click Register or Join Now.
  • Enter Details such as Username, Password, Email address, postal address etc.
  • Sign-in with your new account and click on deposit.
  • Choose the most convenient deposit methods.
  • Start playing and wagering.


As playing in casinos online is already the preferred method to most punters, they now tend to look for the most convenient and flexible method to play online. Many people may argue that the graphics and animations for a Download casino are much richer than a Non-download Casino. Today, the difference of quality between the casinos is far smaller and players can enjoy a high quality gaming experience at the no download casino as well. There are a number of reasons why people may choose to play at no-download/instant play casinos over download casinos.

Advantage of Non-Download Casinos

  • You do not have to worry about downloading and installing the casino software. This is especially advantageous if you have an old-computer with a slower processor.
  • To play at no download casinos/instant play casinos all you need is an Internet connection. This means that you are not limited to playing at one computer, but can move around, giving you more flexibility and options.
  • Most download casino software is compatible to Windows, whereas Web-based casinos can be played in both Mac and Windows.
  • If you are an infrequent gambler, you may also appreciate the fact that you do not need to take up memory space with the casino download.
  • If you want to try a new game in the web based online casino, you simply have to select the game, wait for it to load and play without difficulties. Whereas, a download based casino requires you to download every game you want to try.

Disadvantage of Playing Non-Download Casinos

  • The download casinos generally have a more intuitive user interface.
  • Once the game is installed, the games of a download casino take less time to load than launching the game through the web-browser.

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