Casinos by Type

Casino can mean different things to different people and be found in different form in this day and age. With the gaming industry raving forward people prefer different methods when it comes to gambling. Some like a free beer with the crowd roaring while spending some serious dollars and some prefer a relaxing chair to sit on while placing easy bets. In the past, a casino referred to a gambling establishment that offered traditional casino games like slots, blackjack, craps and roulette. Today, how you define the casino you gamble in is up to you.

In a broad sense, casinos are found in two areas, the traditional ones which are illuminated from top to bottom with a guard on the front door who salutes you, chicks serving you free cocktails and foods and traditional casino games and tables all over the casino floor. The online ones are virtual and are played using the internet as a platform but still with real money.

The Star Casino, Crown Casino, Jupiters Gold Coast are some of the top land based casinos not just in Australia but in the world. Their facilities, services and range of gambling options match anything from the Las Vegas strip and Macau. Some of these casinos might sound like exciting places to visit, and there are a lot more to choose from, but the best place to gamble is online. If you enjoy gambling, you should be thankful that you live in a time when online gambling is a possibility. You never have to leave your home, visit an ATM, or wait on a long line to eat at the casino restaurant. You have everything right at your fingertips.

Online Casinos are now becoming the popular choice of a vast community of growing online gamblers. These casinos online are just a virtual version of the traditional brick and mortar casinos.

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Even though you can find literally hundreds of online casinos, most of them can be divided into three different types according to their interface. Let’s take a look at these different types of online casinos.

Download based Casinos

Download software for

The first online casinos took off in the form of a Download Casino and this form has remained popular over the years and is used my many online casinos. Download Casinos require the user to download software into the computer before you can start playing the casino games offered. Usually, you need to allocate a certain amount of hard disc space for each download you make.

After downloading and installing the software, players have to install the games that he/she desires to play. Once the software has been installed and ready to go, users can carry out all the necessary functions through the software itself. Registering, banking, playing the games, contacting customer support are all available on the software and does not require the user to open the web browser and type in the address.

On the contrary, download based online casinos do take a significant time in downloading and installing the software. While the whole process might be annoying for some, others might find the risk of a potential malware a threat. Another disadvantage for downloading a casino software is that the software is available instantly only on one device. If a player travels and uses another computer, he/she will have to download and install the software again.

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Web-based Online Casinos

EmuCasino-home-pageOnline Casinos have come a long way and as new technology dominates the industry, download based casinos are being replaced slowly by web-based non-download casinos. These casinos require no downloads for any functions and all games are played via popular plug-ins like Flash and Java. Apart from playing games, other functions such as banking, claiming bonuses and contacting customer service are all done through the casino’s website.

Apart from displaying better graphics, a smoother interface and not having to download anything to a computer, one of the real benefits to no download casinos is in the fact that if you don’t have your computer with you you’ll be able to login and play from any computer from anywhere in the world. This wouldn’t be possible with a download casino without first downloading and installing the casino on each computer you want to play on.

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Mobile Casino

emucasino-mobile-190X220As the use of mobile devices grows in an exponential rate, it is natural that mobile casino games have found their way to popular mobile devices such as iPhone, Android smartphone, Blackberries etc. Players either choose a mobile game app to download to their phone, or play mobile slots in their phone built-in internet browser.

The features available in mobile casino Mobile Casino depend on the casino and the features they have enabled. Some casinos activate only basic functions such as logging in and playing the games whereas others allow registering, depositing, withdrawing and even contacting customer service through mobile phones and tablets.

A huge advantage of mobile casino is the availability to play games from any part of the world without having to carry a huge laptop around.

Choosing which mode is best for you depend on your preference and ease. For a person who is used to playing casino games using the software as a base might not be familiar with the functions of a web-based casino. But again, a user of the non-download casino may find it difficult to cope with the rigidness of downloading software.

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